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We’re excited to tell you about an exciting new offer available to all our members. You can now significantly improve your web presence and drive more traffic to your door with our New Modern Member Websites and exciting new marketing options.¬†We have partnered with Graphic Home, proven experts in the area of web development and internet search presence. They’ve already helped many of our members significantly improve their web presence and traffic.

Why does my shop need a website?

If you don’t currently have a website, you’re losing out on sales and making it even tougher on yourself to keep your doors open. The days of people using a phonebook to look for automobile repair services is far behind us. Most people wouldn’t even know where to find a phonebook. Having a strong web presence is vital in today’s market for any business, but more importantly for automotive repair shops due to the number of other nearby shops doing the same type of work. In fact, most customers make their automobile repair decisions based solely on the appearance of the business website. Even if you already have a website, if it appears old or outdated, you are more than likely losing customers.

My website is old but it’s fine

If you currently use one of our legacy member websites, or you had your own created many years ago, you already understand the value in communicating your message to the public via the internet. Our legacy member websites are good, but our new and modern member websites are far better. A customer will look at your website and form an instant opinion of your company. If your website looks old, or includes outdated information, the customer will keep searching until they find a company that they believe is up to date and modern based on their website. This decision happens in just a few seconds and is the difference between you getting the job or losing it to one of your competitors.

New ATRA modern member websites

We have just introduced a much simpler and more effective solution to improving your website presence. We understand exactly what triggers today’s customers to feel comfortable enough to choose your shop for their auto repair needs. Our new modern member websites leverage current technology, and have the look and feel that today’s viewers expect to see. Our new modern member websites are also fully compliant with the ever changing landscape of internet search engines.

Typical Old Style ATRA Member Website

NEW ATRA Modern Member Website Design #1

NEW ATRA Modern Member Website Design #2

Your New Website:

We will completely customize your website. This includes your shop logo, photos of your shop/team, details about what makes your shop great, highlighted services that match the services you would like to show to the world, and specials/coupons you would like to run to entice those customers who love coupons. Your business colors will also be worked into the website to help support your overall look and appeal. When a customer finds your shop using their mobile phone, they will see two additional buttons. These buttons allow them to single click to call you and find you on a map. Customers can also leave reviews for you right on your website. All reviews that receive a minimum of 4 stars will automatically show on your website. You should encourage your happy customers to leave reviews. These reviews will also help your Google search results stand out by showing your overall star rating right on the Google search results page.

FREE Internet Marketing Evaluation:

Along with our new modern member website options, we are offering all our members the opportunity to speak with our new internet marketing partner. Our partner, Graphic Home, will reach out to you and evaluate how effective your current internet marketing is and will make professional recommendations to improve your web presence and drive more web traffic to your door. There is no charge for the initial consultation or recommendations. If you’re interested in this amazing offer, check “Yes” in the appropriate box in the form below.

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