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Transmission fluid exchange

Transfer case repair

Drive shaft construction and repair

Automatic & manual flywheel replacement

Differential service

Rebuild/replace CV axles

Standard clutch kit replacement


We stock and sell a complete line of foreign and domestic transmission parts and torque converters.

We also stock a large inventory of in-shop rebuilt transmissions.

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Lee Cheesborough

Lee Cheesborough


Julie Henry

Julie Henry

Office Manager

About Cheesborough’s

Since 1907, Cheesborough’s Automatic Transmissions has offered top notch automotive repair services to Augusta Georgia residents. Our team of automotive technicians is highly qualified and prepared to offer top quality knowledge and expertise with every repair. We specialize in transmission repairs for all makes and models of cars and trucks.

Trusted in the Atlanta area for over 100 years

Lee started working at Cheesborough’s in 1956 when he was a junior in high school. That same year, his father bought his mother a 1955 Buick Roadmaster. This car was very powerful and Lee, being young and foolish, enjoyed racing his mother’s car when the opportunity arose. The transmission was a dynaflow which was made to take off in high gear. Being a bit of a rebel, Lee would take off in low gear and then would shift into high gear around 80 mph. This destroyed the transmission which infuriated his father. As punishment, Lee’s father made him rebuild the transmission. This was the first transmission he ever built which began Lee’s career in the transmission rebuilding field. Lee still rebuilds transmissions and specializes in rebuilding vintage transmissions that almost every transmission shop no longer rebuilds. He is also one of the only people in the area that still rebuilds driveshafts, rear ends, and transfer cases.

Julie graduated from Augusta University in 1988 with a Business Management degree and began working at Cheesborough’s that same year. She is the president of the local ASA Board and serves on the Georgia ASA board. (Automotive Service Association). She has lived in the CSRA area her entire life and she is proud to be the 4th generation of her family to work at Cheesborough’s.

We’ll even honor your extended warranty!

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Manual or Automatic? Which Transmission Saves More?

As consumers face rising prices at the gas pumps, more and more people are looking into buying a car equipped with a manual transmission instead of an automatic. But that change may not provide the desired effect for most drivers.

That’s because today’s automatics are lighter and more efficient than those of just a few years ago. So much so that only a highly motivated driver will have any hope of wringing substantially higher gas mileage out of a manual transmission.

What’s more, the back-end costs of a manual will quickly eat away at any savings you might receive at the pump. Most drivers can expect to have the clutch replaced as often as every 30,000 miles or so. And when it comes time to sell or trade the car, they can expect a dramatic drop in value with a manual transmission.

For most people, an automatic transmission is a far better choice when buying a new car. They’re more efficient, easier to drive, and last longer than those of just a few years ago.

From our customers

Surprise Transmission

5.0 rating
July 19, 2019

I would like to thank Cheeseborough’s Transmission for all that you done fixing my husband’s 99 Tahoe that he love so much.. Also A very special Thank you to Mrs. Judy for telling a little white lie to my Husband just so my surprise can be extra special for Him..

Keywanda and Charles Tolbert

Honest work

5.0 rating
May 16, 2019

I have known Lee Cheesborough for many years and recently needed work on my transmission. His staff was professional, knowledgeable and did an excellent job. I would recommend that anyone in the CSRA who wants good honest work, take their vehicle to Cheesborough Transmission.

George Raley

We take great pride in our review rating.

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)

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